Romero Catholic Academy Trust

Organisation Structure

Trust Governance

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NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Bishop John ArnoldSalford Diocese28.03.2019OngoingN/A
Mrs Mary HunterSalford Diocese28.03.2019OngoingN/A
Canon Michael CookeSalford Diocese28.03.2019OngoingN/A
Canon Anthony McBrideSalford Diocese28.03.2019OngoingN/A
Mr Simon SmithSalford Diocese28.03.2019OngoingN/A



All Saints
RC High School
Name Appointed by FromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Xav BowersAppointed by foundation/Trust
Martyn LoyndAppointed by foundation/Trust04.01.202231.12.2026None
Rachel Wilson (Co Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust04.01.202231.12.2026None
Donna McNicollAppointed by foundation/Trust09.01.202208.01.2026None
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Martin ParkesElected by school staff27.09.202226.06.2026Employee of the school
Jonathan Tomlinson (Co Chair)Elected by parents27.09.202226.06.2026Child is a pupil
Director of Maygus Education Ltd
Andrea TunstallElected by parents02.11.202101.11.2025Child is a pupil at the school. Previous employee of the school. Sit on the Resources committee for the school employed by when required.
Brian McNallyAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)04.01.202231.12.2026Term of office ended 31.12.2022
Kathryn Arnott-GentAppointed by GB/board24.04.202023.04.2024Resigned March 2021
Cannon Anthony McBrideAppointed by foundation/Trust11.09.201810.09.2022Resigned April 2022
Rachel TomlinsonAppointed by foundation/Trust12.07.201811.07.2022Resigned 05.07.2022
Joseph GrcarElected by school staff07.12.202006.12.2024Resigned 05.07.2022
Arthur MarriottAppointed by foundation/Trust01.08.201831.08.2022Term of office ended
Blessed Trinity
RC College
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Deborah WilliamsAppointed by foundation/Trust
01.09.202131.08.2022Child is a pupil at the school
Ken Tyson (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust15.11.201814.11.2022Self employed – Causeway Farm.
Vice Chair at St Joseph’s, Todmorden
Jim LiveseyAppointed by foundation/Trust15.11.202214.11.2022Trustee at Rough Lee Home, Accrington.
Chair at St Joseph’s, Todmorden
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Louise PlaceElected by school staff25.03.202224.03.2026Employee of the school
Joanne AstinElected by parents25.11.202224.11.2026Child is a pupil at the school
Andrew TaylorElected by Parents25.11.202224.11.2026Child is a pupil at the school
Alison McKittrickAssociate Governor10.12.201809.12.2022Child is a pupil at the school
Gail BartonAssociate Governor13.10.202212.10.2026Employee of Burnley Council.
Trustee at Home Start in East Lancashire
Governor at Cherry Fold Primary School
Lisa DurkinAssociate Governor21.09.202220.09.2026Child is a pupil at the school
Damien LoudenAppointed by foundation/Trust31.08.202030.08.2024Resigned 01.12.2022
Kathleen McKeatingAppointed by foundation/Trust16.11.201815.11.2022Resigned 20.09.2022
Paul RobinsonAppointed by foundation/Trust30.11.201829.11.2022Resigned 14.07.2022
Karen MetcalfeAppointed by LA20.03.201919.03.2023Reconsitution 01.05.2022
Sinead ColbeckAppointed by foundation/Trust21.11.201720.11.2021Term of office ended on 20.11.2021
Emma KehoeAppointed by foundation/Trust15.09.201914.09.2023Resigned 19.11.2021
St Augustine’s
RC High School
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Michael WrightAppointed by foundation/Trust
Francis Hindle (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust01.12.202230.11.2026
David YatesEx-officio Foundation Governor01.12.202230.11.2026
Gerard KeaneAppointed by foundation/Trust01.12.202230.11.2026
Karen HarperAppointed by foundation/Trust01.12.202230.11.2026
Lucy NewtonElected by school staff01.09.202031.08.2024Employee of the school
Nicola BithnellElected by parents01.12.202031.11.2024Child is a pupil at the school
Martin HamerElected by parents01.12.202031.11.2024Child is a pupil at the school
Valerie MorrisAssociate Governor01.12.202230.11.2026
St Augustines
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Sinead ColbeckAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)01.05.202130.04.2025None
John Haworth (Chair)Foundation/sponsor members01.05.202130.04.2025None
Lindsay BleazardAppointed by foundation/Trust 01.05.202130.04.2025None
Allan SwiftEx-officio Foundation Governor01.05.202130.04.2025Governor at Christ the King Primary
and St Mary Magdalene’s Primary.
Parish Priest.
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Abigail MalcolmElected by school staff1706.201916.06.2023Employee at the school
Lucy MasanjikaParent Governor appointed by the Governing Body04.11.202203.11.2026
Jane TuohyAssociate Member13.05.202012.05.2024Employee at Blessed Trinity R C College
Karen RishtonElected by parents01.12.202030.11.2023Resigned 31.12.2022
Peter Stec (Chair)Foundation/sponsor members01.02.202011.11.2021Resigned March 2021
Tim BleasdaleFoundation/sponsor members01.02.202031.08.2023Resigned March 2021
Emma Gonzalez-DriverFoundation/sponsor members15.10.201914.10.2023Resigned April 2021
Kellyann FletcherElected by parents06.03.201905.03.2023Resigned July 2021
Sonia FergusonElected by parents15.06.202114.06.2025Resigned 28.09.2022
St Johns
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Sarah PriceAppointed by foundation/Trust (headteacher)01.01.202231.12.2025Spouse of owner of Kreature Design which also hosts the school website.
Primary Growth Development Lead, Romero Catholic Academy Trust
Michael Mulrooney (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust01.01.202231.12.2025None
Anna D’RozarioAppointed by foundation/Trust01.01.202231.12.2025None
David FeatherstoneAppointed by foundation/Trust01.01.202231.12.2025Governor at Christ the King Primary RC School, Burnley
Parish Priest
Margaret BormanAppointed by foundation/Trust01.01.202231.12.2025 Governor Holy Trinity Primary RC School, Burnley
Anis KhanStaff Governor04.10.202203.10.2026Employee of the school
Claire KnightElected by parents01.01.202231.12.2025Clerk to St Mary Magdalenes
Christina TownendElected by parents01.01.202231.12.2025Child is a pupil at the school
Victoria PitmanElected by school staff24.11.201731.12.2025Resigned January 2022
Angela McDonogh-KellyElected by parents11.03.201910.03.2023Resigned December 2021
Elaine EnnisAppointed by foundation/Trust07.11.201806.11.2022Resigned December 2021
Helen DickinsonAppointed by LA27.11.201826.11.2022Resigned March 2021
St Mary’s
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Claire MillsAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)01.09.202131.08.2025Spouse owns Milcare
Kieran Heakin
Appointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202131.08.2025None
Christopher McGraneAppointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202131.08.2025None
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Sheena MillsElected by school staff01.10.202130.09.2025Employee of the school
Shelley JohnsonParent appointed by GB/Board due to no election candidates22.11.202121.11.2025Child is a pupil at the school
VacancyElected by parents
Andrew DickinsonAssociate Governor24.05.202223.05.2026
Stephen FloodAppointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202131.08.2025Resigned 11.10.2022
Peter StecAppointed by foundation/Trust01.11.201831.10.2022Resigned September 2021
Christopher O’HareParent appointed by GB/board due to no election candidates07.03.201706.03.2021Term of office ended March 2021
Frances McIlwaine (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust01.11.201831.10.2022Resigned 10.09.2021
St Joseph’s
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Elizabeth LloydAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)10.05.202109.05.2025None
Jim Livesey (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust10.05.202109.05.2025Trustee at Rough Lee Home, Accrington.
Vice Chair at Blessed Trinity R C College
Ken TysonAppointed by foundation/Trust10.05.202109.05.2025Self employed – Causeway Farm.
Chair at Blessed Trinity R C College
Father Peter McGiveronAppointed by foundation/Trust10.05.202109.05.2025Parish Priest at St Joseph’s
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Rachel LockettStaff Governor27.05.202126.05.2025Employee at St Joseph’s R C Academy.
Karen RossParent Governor27.05.202126.05.2025Owner of Fire & Ink Designs
Paul StorahParent Governor27.05.202126.05.2025Employee at Blessed Trinity R C College
Katie DennettAssociate Governor07.10.202106.10.2025Child is a pupil at the school. Employee of Holy Trinity Academy Halifax
and have links to Oak Academy, West Yorkshire Maths Hub and White Rose Maths.
Governor at Castle Hill Primary
Briege SivillsAppointed by foundation/Trust10.05.202109.05.2025Resigned September 2022
St Mary Magdalene’s
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Bridget LoughranAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)01.05.202230.04.2026None
Jane Durkin (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust01.05.202230.04.2026None
Philip GlassAppointed by foundation/Trust01.05.202230.04.2026None
Rachel ThompsonAppointed by foundation/Trust 22.11.202221.11.2026Head of RE at Blessed Trinity RC College
VacancyAppointed by foundation/Trust
Jackie GrahamStaff Governor01.05.202230.04.2026Deputy Headteacher
Foundation Governor at St Josephs R C Primary, Bacup
Janine PhilipElected by Parents01.05.202230.04.2026None
Sarah KerrElected by parents28.06.202227.06.2026
Allen SwiftAssociate Governor01.05.202230.04.2026Governor at Christ the King Primary
and St Augustine’s Primary. Parish Priest.
Sacred Heart
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
John RobertshawAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)01.09.202231.08.2026
Andrew WebbAppointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202231.08.2026None
Peter WilkinsonEx-officio Foundation Governor10.09.202231.08.2026Parish Priest
Brian CoatesAppointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202231.08.2026
Lisa StinchonElected by school staff27.03.202228.03.2026
Michael MaudElected by parents02.11.202201.11.2026
Susanna PerezElected by parents02.11.202201.11.2026
Christ the King
RC Primary
NameAppointed byFromToBusiness or Pecuniary Interests
Sarah WebsterAppointed by foundation/Trust (Headteacher)01.09.202231.08.2026None
Stephanie Balko (Chair)Appointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202231.08.2026None
David FeatherstoneEx-officio Foundation Governor01.09.202231.08.2026Parish Priest
Jennifer TurnerAppointed by foundation/Trust01.09.202231.08.2026
Helen AllenElected by school staff25.03.202124.03.2025
Frances RileyElected by parents03.11.202202.11.2026
Richard SmithElected by parents03.11.202202.11.2026
Updated 18.01.2023